World Down Syndrome Day March 21st (3/21)


March 21st is a holiday in our family.  We celebrate it every year.  The kids have special 3/21 shirts.  We eat out with friends.  We celebrate at school.  We celebrate online.   It’s kind of a big deal.

If someone had told me nine years ago, that we would celebrate this holiday, I wouldn’t have believed them.  Why would I celebrate something so devastating, something that might end life as I knew it, something that scared and shocked the hell out of me?  There would be no celebrating.  There would only be coping.

I didn’t know.

I didn’t know people with Down syndrome were just people.  I didn’t know their parents would be willing to openly share their experiences to make mine easier.  I didn’t know there were people so dedicated to their children that their fight would better my son’s education before he ever entered school.  I didn’t know there were people willing to give their tireless energy and passion to programs that would help my son.  I didn’t know there were teachers willing to learn and teachers who already knew.  I didn’t know there were doctors who understood.  I didn’t know how many friends were coming my way.  I didn’t know there were people willing to share the joys but also the the really hard stuff that you think you may not survive.  I didn’t know my son would be so funny.  I didn’t know he would be so loving or so forgiving.  I didn’t know his diagnosis would not limit him, or us, at all.

I didn’t know.

Now I know.  I woke today to a news feed full of inspiring posts by amazing people who know.   Today, I want you to know.

People with Down syndrome are just people.  Down syndrome is only one part of them.  They face challenges and they have successes.  So do their families.  So do we all.  Today is 3/21 and we celebrate our son and everyone who has 3 copies of the 21st chromosome and everyone who doesn’t.  Today, we celebrate life and having people to share it with, no matter what number of chromosomes they happen to have.


We made this video to share some of Josh’s life outside of school with his classmates.  Give it a watch and celebrate with us today!


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