“We’ll always be together in the black and white photo.”



“Picture you and me in a cabin by the sea…

What the photograph don’t show, is where we’re headed tomorrow. 

Even when we have to go,

we’ll always be together in the black and white photo.”

I fell in love with this song, Cabin by the Sea,  just before we left for the California Roots the Carolina Sessions where we saw the Dirty Heads sing it live.   After the concert, we traveled   to the Outer Banks.  We stayed in a cabin by the sea.

For about a day and a half, we visited many of our favorite Outer Banks spots.  We ate at our favorite restaurant, Tortugua’s Lie.


We checked out the turtles at the Pea Island Wildlife Refuge…

…and the shipwreck that peaks out of the water across the street.

We saw the Bodie Island Lighthouse.

We hung out at the Oregon Inlet.

We watched surfers, jumped waves and played in the sand.

We watched the sunset from Jockey’s Ridge, the tallest natural sand dune in the Eastern US.

We visited the Aquarium on Roanoke Island.

We slept in a cabin by the sea.  As I fell asleep, I thought about how glad I was that we took this trip.  About how I love taking pictures of my kids in beautiful places.  About how engaged they are when we travel.  About how fast it is all going.  About how both my boys wanted me to sleep with them in that cabin.  And how, before I know it, they won’t.

I think that is why I love the song so much.  We don’t know where we’re headed tomorrow.  Even in an ideal scenario, our little world is not sustainable.  Our kids will grow up and move on and these beautiful moments that are about just the five of us will be no more.

As our lives speed by,  I take comfort in these still moments captured with a camera.  We will always be together in that black and white photo.  We will have the memories of the experiences we have had together.

With every adventure, we are collectively changed in ways that can not be erased by the inevitable passing of time.  If only for a moment, our stories are intertwined.  And the illustrations are beautiful.


“And if you wish you can stay, as long as you please
Just lend a helping hand up at our cabin by the sea
Where everyday is beautiful, the sun, the sand, the breeze
And everybody lives together here in harmony

And we’ll sing
Just as loud as we please,
And we will be,
Forever so free,
So come follow me, cabin by the sea.”



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