So much to learn

I have come to a realization over the last several years.  I can never be absolutely certain of anything.  There is always new information.  There is always another perspective to consider.  There is always a new experience waiting to be had.  There is always more to learn.  This excites me.   Thirteen years ago, I knew nothing about sea turtles.  I saw a Leatherback turtle lay her eggs on a deserted beach  on the island of St. Kitt’s and everything changed.  Eight years ago, I had a very US centered view of the world.  I spent ten days in Costa Rica and fell in love with the country and began to broaden my view and everything changed.   Seven years ago, I did not know what it was like to be a mother, much less the mother of a child with Down syndrome.  My first son was born and everything changed.  Five years ago I did not know much about how our current consumerism was affecting our environment and our health.  I heard a mind opening story on NPR and began educating myself on the environmental impacts we are having on the planet and ourselves and everything changed.  Four years ago, I had not truly immersed myself in reggae music and its messages of peace, respect for the earth, respect for all people and love for God.  I heard a band called SOJA for the first time and everything changed.  Three years ago, I did not know what it would be like to snuggle up in a cabin in New Hampshire with my husband and three children.  One September night in New Hampshire, I fell asleep listening to the sounds of my family breathing and the wind rustling through the trees and everything changed.   Two years ago I could not have envisioned being in the car with three children under the age of six for two full days.  We drove our three children from Pennsylvania to the Florida Keys and everything changed.  Two months ago I had no idea there were many families living the lives they dreamed of either by traveling or by simplifying and stepping off the well worn modern path I once thought I was destined to follow.  I read their stories and everything changed.  I am confident in only a few things.  I have more to learn.  I have more to experience.  There is no end to the opportunities for growth in this life.

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