Earth Day at the Creek

It was Earth Day and I planned to take the kids to the creek after school.  But it started to rain.

It was suppose to rain all night.  But the sun came out after dinner.

It was later than I wanted to head out.  But I went anyway.

creek earthday

We only had a little time before dark.  But the setting sun made everything beautiful.

earth day blog josh

There was no swimming allowed.  But we ended up with wet feet.

jack earth day

I didn’t plan to go to the playground afterward.  But they did.

earth day playground

I said they could play for five minutes.  But we stayed for twenty.

It wasn’t suppose to be bath night.  But they ended up in the tub.

earth day shoes

I planned to get them to bed early.  But they were up late.

Sometimes it feels like too much to get three kids out, even for a little bit.  But usually it isn’t.

I wasn’t sure it would be worth the effort tonight.  But it was.

earth day walk

Get out there and do it.  Whatever it is for you and your family.

Do it for an hour.  Do it for twenty minutes.

You may wonder if it will be worth the effort.

It always is.

earth day molly 2






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