Bar Harbor, Maine

On every trip there is a moment.  It is the moment you feel the world opening up to you in a way it hasn’t before.  The moment you feel the value of travel intensely.  The moment that makes challenges you faced getting there seem insignificant.  The moment you see something new and magical.  It is the moment you will remember long after the trip is over.  For me, this was that moment…

Starfish Bar Harbor, Maine DSC09136 DSC09137 DSC09143 DSC09141During low tide in Bar Harbor, it is possible to walk to Bar Island in Acadia National Park.  The walk across is scenic and affords many opportunities for discovery.  On our first visit there, we discovered the starfish above.  It was so magical, we returned several times during our week in Maine.

Bar Island Bar Harbor Maine

On Bar Island with Bar Harbor in background

Once across, there are wooded trails to hike.  We checked them out, but turned back quickly so as not to get stuck on the island when the tide rose again.

Bar Island hiking trail

Bar Island hiking trail

In addition to the starfish, we found many other interesting things between Bar Harbor and Bar Island.

Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin

Walking back to Bar Harbor

Walking back to Bar Harbor (directly in background)

No matter what time we visited this fascinating spot, the views were amazing and the learning opportunities were endless.  Before our trip, I assumed Bar Harbor was a touristy town where shopping and eating were the main attractions.  Not so.  Nature abounds for those who are looking to experience it.

sand bar Bar Harbor Maine

Sunset between Bar Harbor and Bar Island

Sea Urchin skeleton (left)  Live Sea Urchin (right)

Sea Urchin skeleton (left) Live Sea Urchin (right)

A few shots from a midday visit to the same spot…


Green Crab



Island in the distance

Bar Harbor MaineDSC09729

You will likely get wet and sandy exploring the sand bar so dress accordingly and always be mindful of the tide or you could end up like these people.

Bar Harbor does offer many unique restaurants and shopping opportunities as well.  There is also a pretty park in town with water views where we were able to find parking and have a picnic.  Nice public restrooms made the experience even easier.

Bar Harbor Maine

Park in Bar Harbor


Bar Harbor park

View from the park in Bar Harbor

We tried one restaurant while in Bar Harbor.  Geddy’s has an interesting history and decent food.  The staff was pleasant and the atmosphere was family friendly.

DSC09700There is a lot going on in Bar Harbor, natural and otherwise and I would love to explore more of this town if we ever head back to Maine.

We saw so many things in Maine that we would never have seen in PA.  It was a great experience and motivation for more travel! You can read about our trip home to PA here.


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