At the creek March 2012

March 2012-I have been missing the creek where we spent a lot of time this past summer.   It is a great little spot with lots of rocks to throw and crayfish to catch.  This spot had an amazing effect on all of us.  The kids (and my husband) were completely engaged in exploring the water and its inhabitants.  My four year old learned to pick up a cray fish all by himself without getting pinched and my seven year old exhibited the calm that always comes over him when he is in water.  My daughter, only one and a half at the time, trudged happily through the water with a net looking for fish.  For me, the creek was about more than crayfish and rocks.  It is a peaceful spot.  It is a place where I can fully focus on myself, my family and nature in a way I rarely can at home.  I have been missing this opportunity during the cold, gray days of winter.  For the past few weeks, I have been waiting for weather mild enough to take a trip to the creek.  I wanted the kids to see what it looks like in winter and after lots of flooding and was also hoping to find a little of the peace we experienced there last summer.  We found it on a mild afternoon last week.  The temperatures were in the fifties and it was at least partly sunny.  We  quickly discovered that throwing rocks is just as engaging in winter. 

We were able to take a walk in the woods nearby, something we can not do in the summer months when the growth is too thick. 

We were able to see the power of water and what it had done to the trees surrounding the creek during the floods last fall.

The roots of this tree were exposed by flooding and it was a great way to show the kids how roots look underground.

It was very exciting to find something blooming in the middle of the woods in February!

Our trip to the creek was a success.  Winter can be long and dreary.  I am finding that using the time to create some of the same experiences that make summer so magical can lift our spirits and focus our energy.  We will surely be headed back to the creek long before summer arrives.

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