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I started blogging to share some of the educational activities my husband and I do with our kids both at home and during travel or on mini adventures close to home.

I have a degree in early childhood and elementary education, but learned what I feel to be the most important lesson in how to teach from an excellent preschool I worked at for two and a half years.  This school used an emergent curriculum which uses the interests of the child to plan learning experiences.  I learned to observe the children I worked with and create lesson plans based on their interests.  I also used the children’s environment as a source of inspiration for lesson plan ideas.  My goal was to instill a love of learning and engage the children in the world around them.

I am now the parent of three young children, two boys ages 7 and 5 and a 2 1/2 year old girl.  Over the last seven years, I have used what I know about emergent curriculum to plan meaningful learning experiences for my children and to encourage unplanned learning every day.

Along with learning at home, we try to take advantage of opportunities for day trips and longer trips to learn new things about nature, people and places.  I will share some of the fun places we go on this blog as well.

We are nature lovers and try to get outside as often as possible.  We read , do art, play games, eat and sometimes sleep outside.  We have been challenging ourselves to be outside even when the weather is not ideal.  We have hiked in the rain and gone to the creek in the middle of winter.  We are always looking for ways to get out and burn off some energy and I will share those experiences here on the blog too.

I am looking forward to sharing ideas about how to create meaningful learning experiences by following your child’s lead and by being aware of the world around you.

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