A Moment of Peace

A dusting to an inch of snow was predicted last night.  Not enough to cancel school or build a snowman, but when I woke up early this morning, there was enough to give my yard a peaceful glow.  The view from my back door caught my eye as I begrudgingly started the rush of morning.  I do not like cold.  I see snow as winter’s only redeeming quality and that is only if it falls on a weekend when we have nothing on the schedule and can lounge all day watching movies, reading books, drinking hot chocolate and baking cookies.  But when I saw the moon hanging over the snow in my backyard this morning, I had to step out into the cold to admire it.  The serene shade of blue created by the snow, the rising sun and the setting moon was so pretty that it rivaled a blue you might find in the summer sky.  I breathed in the icy air and took in this cold winter morning.  The rest of the day would be spent feeding and cleaning and driving and changing and teaching and even playing in a little snow, but this moment was quiet and peaceful and put me in awe of this beautiful world.  So maybe there is some value to these long months of winter that I dread every year.  You can’t feel the peace that snow, sun and moon can bring in the middle of July and somehow I don’t think you would ever see that exact shade of blue on a warm summer morning.

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