PA to Maine-the first leg of the trip

Last July when my husband took a voluntary separation from his company, our first order of business was to plan a trip to Maine.  It is a place he had traveled to and loved and somewhere the kids and I had never been.  We always talked about going and the time off allowed us the perfect opportunity.

The first day of travel was an easy one.  It took us a total of seven hours, including speedy bathroom breaks, to get from PA (we live about an hour outside of Philly) to Massachusetts.  My husband, an ice cream enthusiast, booked a hotel in Westford near a famous ice cream place called Kimball Farm.  We arrived around 7pm and the place was hopping.  Though almost filled to capacity, we were able to park in the lot across the street.  The farm offers lots of entertainment, such as mini golf, batting cages and a general store, but it was late and we were hungry so we headed straight for the food.  We ordered dinner (large, tasty portions, but we would have preferred less food at a lower price) and picked a spot in the outdoor seating area near a fan.  The mosquitoes were not kind and the fan helped!  The ice cream was excellent!  Just ask my dirty daughter.

Ice cream at Kimball Farms in Massachusetts

Ice cream at Kimball Farms in Massachusetts

As we finished our ice cream, the skies opened up.  IT POURED!  The thunder and lightening crashed and flashed and scared the crap out of my kids.  Since the car was across the street, I stood with them under an awning.   My husband braved the downpour to fetch the car and pulled it into a spot right in front of us.  This was the kind of rain that soaked you in seconds and just stepping out from under the awning and into the car was enough for the whole family to be drenched down to their skivvies.


Soaked. You would think the rain would have rinsed off some of the chocolate.  Hotel bath, here we come.  It was after 9pm at this point, so yeah, sunglasses were pretty much a 24 hour a day thing for this diva last summer.

We headed back to the hotel.  Warm showers for the kiddos.  A soaking in the sink for the t shirt.  And for me, a really good feeling.  Standing under that awning with my three kids in the pouring rain is something I will never forget.  There is something about summer rain.  And the feeling of going from cold and wet to warm and dry.  And falling asleep next to your five year old, with the rest of your family only an arm’s reach away.   And the sleepiness that comes after a day of travel.  And the first day of an adventure.  And the whole journey ahead of you with all its hope and excitement and promise.

Stay tuned for more of our August 2012 trip from PA to Maine and back!

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