Killens Pond and Rehoboth Beach in December

Ever since our first visit to Killens Pond, we have been eager to return.  We hoped to visit in the fall but found the cabins were booked until the first weekend in December.  We booked Cabin 1 for that weekend and hoped for decent weather.

We lucked out with temperatures in the 30’s at night and into the 50’s during the day.  The cabins are heated and stayed very toasty throughout our stay.  We arrived on Friday evening and cooked dinner.  Each cabin has two burners.  You need to bring your own pots and pans to cook your meals.  After dinner, we spent some time playing board games, coloring, drinking hot chocolate and watching holiday movies on the laptop.

Killens Pond cabin kitchen

Burners in kitchen of cabin 1

The weather was so mild, we decided to spend some time outside after dark.  My husband brought along a favorite summer toy that worked just as well in winter.  It is a tiny sling shot toy that lights up in the night sky.  The kids love chasing it in the dark. The added bonus was that there were no itchy bug bites to contend with this time of year!

Killens Pond cabins

Playing with lanterns and l.e.d. copter in the field near the cabins

Saturday morning was foggy, but unseasonably warm and we headed out for a hike.  Killens Pond has excellent trails for kids.  They are mostly flat and have lots of little bridges that the kids love.  You can walk for hours or take shorter walks and learn so much by observing your surroundings.  We loved the Holly on the trails.  We saw it in the summer, but it was very festive to see it in December.

Holly on the trails at Killens Pond

Holly on the trails at Killens Pond

Since we hiked here previously, this was an opportunity to make comparisons between seasons.  My five year old commented that there were no striders on top of the water like he had has observed at the same spot last summer.

Killens Pond trails

Checking out the water under a bridge on the trail

One of the best discoveries on this hike was a Pileated Woodpecker, spotted by my very observant husband.  The kids were able to listen to and watch it in a tree from the trail.

Pileated Woodpecker Killens Pond

Watching the Pileated Woodpecker in a tree

We had the children study the trail map to see where we had walked.

Killens Pond trail map

Tracing our hike on the trail map

We also discovered lots of other interesting things on the trails.

Killens Pond trail

Investigating moss on the trail

After the hike, we spent some time in the large open space near the cabins.  We brought another rubber band operated flying toy (no batteries required for this one, you have to crank it to make it fly).  The kids had a blast running after it in the sunshine.

Killens Pond field

Field near the cabins

Since we live in a rural area where there are not a lot of trees, it was a treat for the kids to play in the leaves outside the cabins.  The trails around the cabins were cleared of leaves but there were plenty to jump in off the path.

Killens Pond Cabins

playing in the leaves in front of cabin1

After all our outdoor fun at Killens Pond, we took a drive to Rehoboth Beach, about 45 minutes south of Killens Pond.  It was my first visit to the town, which was fully decorated for the holidays.  There was a Santa House on the boardwalk where the kids could talk to Santa free of charge and we were invited to take our own pictures.

Rehoboth Beach Delaware

Santa on the Rehoboth Boardwalk in December

We live about two hours from the coast and have never been to the beach in winter.  It was great to see the ocean on such a beautiful day in December.

Rehoboth beach

walking on the beach in December

We enjoyed the town in daylight and then headed to the Dogfish Head Brewery for dinner.  Dogfish Head brews some of my favorite types of beer so we checked out the brewery in Milton, Delaware last spring.  This was our first time at the restaurant and we were happy with the food.  Typical pub food, suitable food and birch beer for kids and great beer for adults.  There is a large upstairs dining room that wasn’t crowded when we arrived for an early dinner around 4:30pm on Saturday.

Dogfish Head Rehoboth

Outside the Dogfish Head Restaurant

After dinner, we walked up and down the street in the dark and enjoyed the lights.  There were a few lights on the boardwalk and a large decorated tree nearby.  The main street is lined with lights and some places along the street have nice light displays too.

Rehoboth Christmas

tree near the boardwalk

Rehoboth Boardwalk Christmas

Boardwalk lights


Looking down the street at all the lights from the boardwalk

The smell from Kilwin’s drew us in and we tried their ice cream.  The salted caramel  was delicious!


Kilwin’s in Rehoboth

We drove back to the cabin and spent Saturday night snuggled up with Christmas books, snacks and holiday movies.  This trip to Killens Pond was just as memorable as the first.  It is the perfect place to spend time with nature and with each other no matter what the season.  We will be returning as often as we can!

Heading into the cabin

Heading into the cabin

Some practical advice for your trip to Killens Pond:

*There are ten cabins that look like the one pictured above.  They are situated in a loop.  All are a short walk from the parking lot.  There are carts available to haul your stuff to your cabin.  Cabin 1 is the closest to the parking lot.  Cabin 10 is the last in the loop and only has a neighbor on one side.  All cabins are connected by wooded paths.  Cabin 11 has a pond view and is more spacious.  Cabins book for weekends very quickly so plan ahead.

*Some trails are sandy.  Bringing more than one pair of shoes is helpful or bringing shoes that can be rinsed, such as crocs.

*You need to bring your own sheets, towels, blankets, dishes, pots and pans, utensils, paper products, dish soap and hand soap.

*Each of the ten cabins has one double bed and two twin beds that are bunked.

*There are two burners available, so you can boil or fry.  Each cabin also has a small fire pit outside if you prefer to cook that way.  There is no microwave and no oven.  There is a full refrigerator.

*There is a kitchen sink, a bathroom sink, toilet and shower.  In both cabin 1 and 10 (the only two we have stayed in), the sinks and shower are “splashy” and there are often puddles on the floor after washing dishes or taking a shower.  Bringing an old towel to mop up might be helpful.

*Look at the Delaware Tourism Website and the Killens Pond Facebook Page to see what events are going on during your stay.  Chances are, you will come across something fun to do in this exciting area of Delaware!

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