Don’t give up live music, take the kids with you!

“…whenever there is inspiration…and enthusiasm…there is a creative empowerment that goes far beyond what a mere person is capable of.”
Eckhart Tolle

The rain finally stopped.  We found a place to sit by the pool.  We tried to keep our excitable children from getting too close to the edge.  We struggled to get ear protection into ears.  We calmed cranky bodies and minds of little people who were up way past bedtime.  The thought occurred to me that perhaps we were insane to drive three young children three and a half hours to a house we had never been to, in order to experience live music whose message would be lost to their two, five and seven year old minds.  It was about 10pm and the outdoor show we had come to see had been delayed by hours due to thunder storms.  Somewhat settled for the moment, I waited for those first notes to grace my own unplugged ears.

The band started to play and I was in the same place I am every time I experience live music…at peace.  The drive, the hotel cost, the time spent waiting out the storm in the minivan which is now carpeted in an entire bag of goldfish crackers and the struggle of keeping the kids entertained and safe for the last few hours all seem like perfectly reasonable means to an end at this moment.  I was experiencing one of my favorite bands in someone’s backyard with other people who feel the same way I do about music.  It inspires.  It energizes.  It moves to action.

Reggae has been a driving force in our lives for the last several years.  The relaxed beat and beachy vibes drew us to the music, but the message grabbed a hold of us and has changed us in ways we could not have imagined before it became the sound track to our lives.   We have consistently found messages of love of earth, love of people and love of God in reggae.  It has inspired us to do more for others, to respect the earth and its resources and to grow spiritually.  It has connected us to other people who are equally inspired.

This show was hosted by another reggae loving family who welcomed us with open arms despite having never before met us in person.  Their kindness and hospitality made bringing three kids to a reggae show possible and is an example of the good in the world.  Showing our children the good in the world is vital if we want them to, in turn, do good.  Showing them what it looks like to be inspired and energized and moved is crucial if we want them to be inspired and energized and moved.  Surrounding them with people who are positive and kind is necessary if we want them to be positive and kind.

So do not only what interests your children, but also what you are enthusiastic about, even if it seems logistically difficult at first.  If you want your children to follow their passions, you must follow yours.  There will be lessons learned in every experience if you are open to them.  Because of our decision to go to this show,  my children experienced live music, made new friends and got to hang out with musicians.  Incidentally, they also  caught and released frogs, saw jellyfish, dug in the sand, swam in the bay and in the pool and observed chickens.  Most importantly, they saw their parents doing something that inspires them and that will make all the difference.

This post is part of Theme Thursdays.  This week’s theme is concerts.  Read more concert stories at somethingclevr2.0.

6 thoughts on “Don’t give up live music, take the kids with you!

  1. JennSomethingClever

    That sounds awesome! My son has seen live music a couple of times. We have a friend who’s in a bluegrass band, and he’s seen them perform at her house and at her wedding rehearsal party. Still need to find a reggae concert for him, though…

    1. naturallyeducated Post author

      Our goal is to get our three to see our other favorite reggae band live too. It’s all about the venue. We are waiting for a family friendly one. Taking them to see Xavier Rudd (World Music) this summer at a place with seats.

    1. naturallyeducated Post author

      We have been trying to find a drum circle to take our kids to for years! Haven’t come across one in our area yet.

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