So Glad I’m Around

In the spring of 2008, my oldest son was four and my second son had just turned one.  I was going out to run errands and my husband handed me a cd to listen to in the car.  He had been to several live shows featuring the band on the cd while I was tending to the business of carrying, delivering and nursing babies, and he was hooked.  I pulled out of my driveway on this sunny spring day and heard SOJA for the first time.  The first song I heard contained the lyric, “So glad I’m around.”  I am so glad I’m around.  Life can be so challenging at times and yet there are these amazing moments when I feel an equilibrium with the universe.  For the magic of those moments, I am so glad to be here.  I know how fortunate I am and that 36 years and counting of being around is not a privilege afforded to everyone.  Since that day,  I have seen SOJA preform eight times, along with many other talented bands who use music to inspire love of the earth, love of God and love of humanity.  I have found these themes consistently in reggae music.  This music has inspired me to do more for those in need, to examine my relationship with God and to increase my efforts to live more sustainably.  While these are all great benefits, I think the greatest blessing is the way this music makes me feel.  A few days ago, when I attended my eighth SOJA show, I listened to the music that has become an integral part of my life and felt equilibrium with the universe.  I was exactly where I was supposed to be, just like I was almost four years ago when I put that cd in the player in my car and let the sun and the music feed my soul.

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