Planting Sunflowers

The kids got sunflowers seeds in their Easter baskets and we decided to plant them tonight.  Planting with kids is fun and educational.  You can label the soil, water, seeds, etc. to practice letter and word recognition and turn the event into a book like we have done previously.

My kids love reading this book again and again.  It is a great way to remember the experience, instill a love of reading, build confidence, practice vocabulary and to remember how to do the activity when you do it again.

Since we already have this book as a reference, tonight we just planted for fun.

We filled the containers with soil.
We poked holes in the soil with our fingers.
We placed the seeds in the holes.
We watered the seeds.
Brothers working together

The best part of planting is always the playing afterward.  The kids had a blast experimenting with water and soil, practicing pouring and getting good and dirty.

We planted giant sunflowers so it will be exciting to watch the flowers grow taller than the children.  We will learn the parts of a flower and what a flower needs to grow.  We can compare these flowers with other plants we have in our garden and use these growing things as ongoing science lessons all summer.

One thought on “Planting Sunflowers

  1. JD

    My girls loooove to plant and play in my gardens. Despite my horrific allergies, I've been planting every moment I get – until I can't bear the itchy eyes! I still need to do sunflowers, though! I will put them on my list!

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