Longwood Gardens in Kennet Square, PA

children's garden Longwood GardensLongwood Gardens is a kid friendly place to run, play and learn.  The many easily walkable paths lead to exciting discoveries including a tree house, a maze and gardens made especially for children.  Plan to stay for the whole day if you want to see everything.  We have been several times and still haven’t seen it all.  There are so many inviting spots for kids to play that you can easily end up spending lots of time with them very engaged in one or two areas and not have time left to walk the rest of the gardens.

The main attraction for kids is probably the indoor children’s water garden which is perfectly designed to delight little ones.   The garden feels like a mini castle with a spiral staircase, tunnels, ramps and secret rooms.  There is much to discover inside.

Dip your paint brush in the dragon’s mouth and paint the wall with water.

dragon painting Longwood Gardens

Walk down spiral staircases and secret tunnels to find artistically designed windows, gardens, fountains and more.

Discover instruments and water activities throughout the garden.

Water is everywhere and easily accessible in this indoor garden so bring a change of clothes even if you visit in winter because kids are definitely going to get wet.

When you are done having fun in the children’s water garden, there are many other indoor places to explore.  Around every corner, you will find countless varieties of plants and flowers.  It is a great opportunity for children to see types of plant life they would not typically see in Pennsylvania.

While there is plenty to see as you wander through the indoor gardens, exploring the outdoor gardens offers just as much excitement for kids and adults alike.

There are mazes to run through.

There are tree houses to walk up.

treehouse at Longwood Gardens

There are trees to climb.

There are towers to investigate. 

There are balconies to look over.

There are peaceful places to walk and exciting things to observe.

There are wide open spaces surrounded by fountains to run and play.

There is also an outdoor children’s garden with fun fountains and activities to keep little ones happy and moving.

In addition to all the activities listed above, there is a summer light show.  You can read about it and the artist who created it at http://light.longwoodgardens.org/light/home.

We have also visited the gardens in the winter time.  The indoor gardens are magically decorated for the winter season and there is a spectacular display of holiday lights throughout the grounds in the evening.

On our most recent visit, we attended for a graduation party and experienced the catering facilities.  The adult and children’s food were excellent.  We have also eaten at the cafeteria style food venue in past visits.  Food is pricey, but tasty.  No french fries for those of you who might have a child who requires them when dining out.  We tend to bring our own food on most visits.

catering at Longwood GardensSun protection is a must during daytime visits in warm weather and warm clothing head to toe is required on cold days.  You will spend time both indoors and out no matter what the season.

Longwood Gardens is an excellent place to learn and to find a little adventure close to home.  Visit http://www.longwoodgardens.org/ to plan your visit.

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