Laundry Races

I am pretty efficient at getting laundry washed and dried.  I do several loads a day and rarely have piles of unwashed clothes cluttering up the house.  But piles of clean clothes, that is a different story.  (Having less clothes would help as I discuss in a previous post and I am working toward that goal now) In the meantime,  finding time to get those clean clothes into the correct bedrooms is a challenge, especially once the stack of clean clothes reaches overwhelming heights.   This morning I woke up to a laundry pile that meets that description.  The kind of pile I should have put away last night but didn’t because who wants to put laundry away at 9pm?  (People who don’t want to wake up to massive piles of laundry, I guess)

My five year old and two year old were already antsy by 8:30am (that’s what happens when you start the day at 5:15am) and I knew they were not going to stand for my attention turning to laundry piles.  An idea suddenly occurred to me and I took the wall clock off the wall and set it on the kitchen table.  I asked my five year old to watch the second hand and count each time it moved.  When he had the hang of it, I asked him how fast he thought I could put a stack of laundry away.  Now he was excited.  We said “On your mark, get set, go!”  I grabbed a stack of laundry and raced upstairs while he and my daughter counted and watched the clock.  He was thrilled to tell me it took one hundred and nine seconds for me to put away that pile and he was ready to do it again!

We did this about four times.  All the laundry was put away, my kids were engaged, got some counting practice and had fun.  I even broke a sweat and probably burned a few unwanted calories.  You can try this with other household tasks such as emptying the dishwasher or vacuuming.  Or turn the tables and challenge the kids to clean up their toys while you time them.  Finding ways to incorporate learning into every day tasks is productive and instills a love of learning.

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