13 Things I hope my kids learn about politics

1.  You are fortunate to live in a country where you have the luxury of debating political issues and making political choices.  Those fighting for survival do not have time to devote to such activities.

2.  You are lucky to live in a place where you are entitled to your opinion, where you are free to express that opinion and where those who have opinions that differ from yours are free to express them as well.

3.  There are people who have more than you.  There are many people who have less.  What you have matters little compared to what you do.  It is crucial to do good things no matter who is in office.

4.  Your effort to be kind in your every day interactions matters far more than your political affiliation.

5.  There are more than two political parties in the US and therefore more than two choices in an election.

6.  Any individual with enough passion and determination can bring about positive political change in this country.

7.  Most of us are on a constant quest to find evidence that supports our beliefs by surrounding ourselves with others who believe the same.  When you stop talking to people who have ideas or beliefs that are different from yours, you stop learning.

8.  When you continue to question and seek truth, you grow.  It is okay for your beliefs to change as new information comes to light.

9.  No one person is more important than another.  No one country is more important than another.

10. Human suffering is as painful in Iran as it is in Cambodia as it is in the Congo as it is in China as it is in the US.

11. Human joy is as euphoric in Pakistan as it is in Mexico as it is in Korea as it is in Uganda as it is in Jamaica.

12. Borders are man made.  We are all citizens of earth.

13. You will learn more from musicians than you will from politicians.

Happy Election Day fellow Americans!

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