Kennett Symphony Orchestra Children’s Concert and Instrument Zoo


Our passion for music has taken us on many adventures over the past few years. Music has the ability to teach so much more than music itself. It has  taught us about people, places and ideas. It has inspired us. It has opened our minds. It has motivated us to action. All these extra benefits are in addition to the basics. Music is good for our minds and our bodies. It involves reading, math, science, creativity and emotion. We have not delved into the world of formal music instruction with our children yet, but we do take every opportunity for them to learn as much as possible about the magic of music.


One such opportunity was at the Kennett Symphony Orchestra Children’s Concert and Instrument Zoo at West Chester University last winter. Tickets to this concert included a short concert and the opportunity to try every instruments in the orchestra and cost only $5 each! The concert was a great length for young children and involved some popular pieces including a Star Wars selection. There was also a performance by a children’s choir. It was a casual atmosphere, but a perfect place to practice performance etiquette with the little ones.

1779742_10201605515922057_1419847097_nWhile the concert was enjoyable, the really cool part of the event was the Instrument Zoo. Immediately following the performance, all children were invited to see, touch and play all the instruments in the orchestra! Instruments were set up at stations around the auditorium and children waited at each station for a turn.

1795656_710540835663780_1933603127_nThe children were thrilled to get their hands on violins, an upright bass, drums and all the other instruments of the orchestra. They were also able to get their mouths on things like trumpets and saxophones. Though the mouthpieces were wiped with sanitizing wipes in between each child, that part did make my germaphobic skin crawl a little. (A lot) (I might be gagging now just thinking about it) BUT, I resisted the urge to rip them away from the horn section because I saw what an amazing opportunity it was to explore instruments they had only seen from afar before this concert.


After the concert, there were opportunities for exploring the university campus and checking out West Chester itself.

1972387_10201605825529797_1431834455_n                       1920280_10201605846730327_883224392_n

I would highly recommend this very affordable event to families. It is educational and fun for all and could be the inspiration a little musician needs to follow his or her musical dreams in the future!


$5 Tickets are on sale now for March 8th!


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