Introducing inspIRIEd families


If your family is doing  something good for people or planet,

please share your story at our  insIRIEd families facebook page!


I lose myself in music.  When people talk about feeling alive, I know exactly what they mean.  It is how I feel when I sing, play or listen.  It is the thing that puts me in a state of equilibrium with the universe.  Time does not pass.  The world disappears.  I am weightless and thoughtless.  I am floating.   I am content.

And when I am lost in it, I somehow find myself.  My true self.  The self I want to be.  The self I can be.  The self I already am.  I am inspired and motivated and my purpose in this life comes into sharp focus.

No music has moved me more than reggae.  It, and the other roots music I have discovered through it, have changed my perspective of people, of the world, of myself.  Listening to my favorites truly motivates me to do good things for others and for the planet.

Our family’s most recent project has been to raise money for Shelter Box.  Shelter Box provides warmth, dignity and hope to disaster survivors around the world.  I wanted to get my children involved in using their own hands to bring comfort to others.   They made handprints and sold them to friends and family for $10 donations to Shelter Box.  We have raised $235 so far!

IMG_20131118_220119[1]This project was partially the result of the inspiration I felt after our recent experience at California Roots the Carolina Sessions.  So much of the music there focused on love of each other, love of earth and love of God, whatever that may mean to each person.  It is obvious to me that reggae is a driving force for good in this world and that the other people who are listening to those positive messages every day are likely as inspired as I am.

IMG_4058I am hoping to connect with other families inspired by reggae (or inspired by anything else).  I want to share what we are doing and learn what others are doing to spread love in this world.  The more ideas we share, the more families will be inspired to start projects that help others and help the planet.  I have started a Facebook Page for families who have been moved to action.  That action could be fundraising, volunteering, raising awareness, doing good deeds or any simple thing that is spreading positive vibes in the world.  If your family is doing  something good for people or planet, please share your story at our  insIRIEd families facebook page!


If you want to make a donation to our efforts at Shelter Box, visit our page at


Let’s get inspIRIEd!  The music will lead the way…

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