Lehigh Valley Zoo in Schnecksville, PA

The ride to the entrance of the zoo is scenic with views of the creek at some points and beautiful overlooks from great heights at others.  Even before entering the zoo, there are educational opportunities.  There is a sign in a patch of milkweed that reads, “These weeds have a purpose.”  They have allowed milkweed and other plants to grow up in a small area outside the zoo to provide habitat for butterflies and other insects.

Once in the zoo, you will find an interesting variety of exhibits.  The zoo is small and you can see it all in a few hours.  There are small animals like otters, lots of birds, prairie dogs and a few larger ones like wolves, bobcats, camels, zebras and ostriches.

Each exhibit has educational information listed about the animal so children can learn and find answers to some of their questions.  There are also short talks given at various exhibits throughout the day where you can view a feeding of an animal and ask the speaker questions.  We were at the zoo for about three hours and saw both an alligator and a penguin presentation.

The grounds are shaded in some areas and full sun in others so hats were useful on a hot day in July.  There is food available for purchase but plenty of picnic facilities are available for those who want to pack lunch.  If walking through the park looking at animals is not enough of an energy outlet for the kids, there is a small playground in the middle of the zoo too.   There was a small gift shop and there appeared to be summer camps going on at the park as well.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the zoo is the drive out of it.  Like the drive in, it is full of natural beauty and photo worthy views.  There are some beautiful spots where you are so high up that you can see for miles.  There are elk and bison to check out on the way out too.

The highlight of the trip is the creek you cross on the way out.  You drive right through the water in your vehicle!

View of the creek as you drive toward it

View from inside the minivan

After crossing, there is a spot to park and enjoy the cool water in the heat of summer.

Lehigh Valley Zoo offers lots of educational opportunities, encourages environmental awareness and appreciation of wildlife and offers a little adventure along the way!

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