Blending Math and Writing for Preschoolers

A conference with my four year old’s teacher alerted me to the fact that my son has not fully mastered number recognition.  He learned his numbers so early and with so little help from me that I thought we were good in that respect, but we have apparently not practiced the teens enough.  So, in order to nail down those pesky numbers 13-20 and to get some writing practice in, I turned once again to his beloved Star Wars Legos.  I asked him how many Lego mini figures he thought he had (some practice with estimation) and then asked him to count and see if he was right.  He counted and then placed each figure on a simple number line I created (some practice with one to one correspondence).

After he placed the figures on the number line and counted them, I encouraged him to write a number under each figure using the numbers I had written as a guide.

He loved doing this and was so proud of his writing and his awesome display of mini figures!

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