Journey South

A Monarch Butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, dries its wings and begins to fly south.   He does not learn this behavior.  It is genetically built in.  Scientists do not fully understand how each year, the fourth generation of Monarchs are able to make the amazing journey  from Canada and the US to Mexico.

How different we humans are.  We are blessed with thought and awareness and the ability to learn and contemplate our purpose in this life.  How different our lives might be if we emerged on the day of our births with a sense of direction that sent us flying toward our proverbial south.  How different  if those blessings of thought and contemplation did not also come with the curses of self doubt and an often clouded sense of the true self.

Is there value in recognizing that which is in us from the start? 

To do so, we must allow ourselves the quiet to sense it, to just be.  Does everyone have something they were born to do?  Are there moments in all our lives during which we feel at one with the universe and at peace with ourselves?

For me, there are moments.  Moments when I feel I am exactly where I should be.  Moments that give me a clear sense of purpose.  Moments when my direction in this life is obvious and uncomplicated.  For me, most of these moments come with music.  When I am immersed in it, hours can pass without notice.  I feel inspired and fulfilled.  No one taught me to feel the way I do when I am experiencing music.  It is instinctual, genetically built in, there from the start.  And there is nothing like it.

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Most people go to their graves with their music still inside them.”  My connection to music makes this an obvious motivator for me, but each of us have our own “music.”  Yours may be writing, or teaching, or hiking.  It is the thing that feeds your soul.  It is the thing that has always been in you.  It is the thing that you need to let out.

What is your music?  What are your moments? 

Is there something magical in you that has been there from the start?  Have you always known it or are you still waiting to discover it?  Allow yourself the quiet to feel it.  Whatever you are doing when you get that feeling, (you know the butterflies in the belly kind of feeling?) dry your wings and follow those beautiful creatures toward your south.

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